Tarot Card  HierophantDestiny and interpreting the future

Everything in the universe is connected through space and time. The consciousness can establish this concurrence and allows a glance at the connections. This is the moment.

Is your life predetermined?

Much has already been speculated about soothsaying and future prediction via tarot or other methods. Life is a game and a theater play. Is there a set script? This decision I leave to you. I personally believe that I can decide for myself in each moment anew. Therefore, the tarot can help in finding the right path, the good path. Have faith!

How does tarot work?

The process of laying and interpreting the cards prompts reflection on important life themes. Readiness to change and constitution are used when laying cards. Wishes are affirmed or words are found for unspoken fears. It is about the acknowledgment of inner conditions and realities. Just as you can reassure a good friend, the cards can also reassure you.

Bring to light the levels that are already making their way to the light to help with decisions. The tarot cards are in this respect a source and a medium to strengthen tendencies and impulses. With this, you can better observe these tendencies and they give you insights about future developments.

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