Tarot Spreads

There are many possible tarot spreads and each is best-suited to answer different questions. Here you can find a selection of well-known layouts. There are of course many more in addition to these.

Tarot Card The LoversLove Oracle

If you have a question relating to relationships, partnership or love, you can use the love oracle spread. With this, you will get a good answer to your question(s).
  • The first card describes the initial situation.
  • The second card illustrates your inner state and motives. For others, this is not necessarily visible.
  • The third card provides insight into which relationship your partner has with you.
  • The fourth card reveals the advice of the tarot.

Tarot Card- The CrossThe Cross

If you want to experience how you can better assess a certain situation or theme, the cross is the right spread for you. You can also use it to better illuminate the details of other spreads. This method uses 4 cards.
  • The first card illustrates the topic and describes the starting position.
  • The second card answers the question, what should you avoid, which path is the wrong one?
  • The third card guides you toward the correct direction. You will be shown what you can do and what the tarot advises.
  • The fourth card shows you the solution and points the way toward it.

Tarot Card - The WayThe Way

The way is a spread that provides insight into how you can reach a certain goal. This can include career goals, how you behave in relationships, or how you can change yourself.

The cards are divided into two stacks. The left stack represents your current characteristics and the right stack illustrates a new path. The second and seventh cards foretell a conscious behavior. The third and sixth cards stand for a subconscious approach. The fourth and fifth cards represent an outer demeanor. 7 total cards are chosen with this layout.
  • Card 1 stands for your goal. This is the main theme.
  • The second card shows your current approach, or what you have believed up to now.
  • The third card reflects your feelings or your subconscious approach.
  • The fourth card allows you to recognize how you appear to the external world. Perhaps you will also see your façade.
  • The fifth card shows you which external attitudes you best embody.
  • The sixth card says which feelings you should open up to.
  • The seventh card provides information about which conscious stance is favorable for you.

Tarot Card Celtic CrossThe Celtic Cross

This tarot spread can answer questions in larger contexts and enables differentiated insights into your current situation. It is appropriate for most questions about relationships, career, or money. Ten cards are laid in total.
  • The first card states the theme and shows the starting position.
  • The second card shows what is standing in your way.
  • The third card suggests your conscious side: what is recognized or sought after.
  • The fourth card provides insight into what you are feeling. It reveals your inner strength.
  • The fifth card gives information about the past. It shows how you came to ask this question.
  • The sixth card says something about what the near future will look like and how it will immediately continue.
  • The seventh card is a symbol for your stance or feelings. It shows your attitude towards the theme of the questions.
  • The eighth card provides information about the external influences that play a role in this and how it appears to others. When asking relationship questions, this card shows how your partner feels about this theme.
  • The ninth card symbolizes your hopes and fears and how you experience the situation.
  • The tenth card shows what is ultimately going on.

Tarot Card Wheel of FortuneDecision-making

If you have a question about which decision you should make, then it can often be helpful to consult the tarot cards. It cannot answer any yes/no questions, but the tarot can help you recognize tendencies. With this spread, two different paths will be shown to you. Ultimately, you will decide which is the better and more coherent path for you.
  • The first path is shown through the first, third and fifth cards.
  • The second, fourth and sixth cards provide information about the alternative second path.
  • The seventh card stands for the initial position of your question.

Tarot Card- The High PriestessThe Blind Spot

The Blind Spot is meant for situations in which you do not know where you stand and need insight into what the situation is about. The cards can show you where you can straighten out your perception. Both inner and outer aspects of your personality will be illuminated. With this spread, four cards are drawn.
  • The first card provides insight into your identity—this is how you perceive yourself.
  • The second card symbolizes the “blind spot.” These are behaviors and characteristics that only others see in you.
  • The third card describes your hidden side: the way you see yourself, but that you do not share with others.
  • You also have a side that is known neither by you nor by those around you. The fourth card reflects these strengths.

Tarot Card StrengthRelationship

This spread answers questions about relationships and partnership. The cards on the left side reflect yourself and the cards on the right side provide information about your partner. A total of 7 cards will be drawn.
  • The first card describes the current state of the relationship and the theme of the partnership. It shows the asker’s starting position.
  • The second card stands for your partner. This is how your partner sees and experiences the relationship.
  • The third card describes what your partner feels—their fears, wishes, disappointments, etc.
  • The fourth card reflects your partner’s outward demeanor independent of the true feelings that lie behind it.
  • The fifth card symbolizes the asker’s outward demeanor independent of the true feelings that lie behind it.
  • The sixth card provides information about what the asker feels—your fears, wishes, disappointments, etc.
  • The seventh card stands for the asker. This is how you yourself see and experience the relationship.

Tarot Card MoonThe Planning Game

The planning game helps with questions of how you can do something. Which possibilities are there (for example, for reaching a certain goal)? How can you advance in your career or actualize yourself? With this spread, five total cards are drawn.
  • The first card presents the initial situation.
  • The second card provides information about which unknown powers are at play here.
  • Are there inhibitive or strengthening external influences? The third card will say so.
  • The fourth card shows a way not to put your plans into action.
  • The fifth card provides insight into how you can successfully realize your undertaking.

Day Card

The daily tarotcard shows you the prevailing tendencies you can currently count on.

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